Rehab & Conditioning

At Performance Care, we offer exercise rehabilitation and performance conditioning as part of our multidisciplinary approach to health care. You don’t have to be an elite athlete to benefit.

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Performance Conditioning

Each sport is unique and involves different functional movement patterns and kinematic requirements. Exercise can improve specific aspect of motor behavior such as speed, power and strength. Functional exercises that target specific movement patterns will help improve your sport performance.

At Performance Care, our highly experienced Sport Scientists and accredited Exercise Physiologists can evaluate functional movement patterns that are specific to your sport and identify areas that can be improved with exercise.

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Exercise Rehabilitation

Exercise is an integral part of any rehabilitation program. It helps to restore strength, flexibility, mobility and motor control and prevent re-occurrence of injury.

At Performance Care, our highly experienced Exercise Physiologists and Physiotherapists design and deliver exercise programs specific for your conditions and goals.

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